Being known to the nation and the world with the brand Sparkle Silica Stone in the quartz surface industry from nearly a decade  we launch ourself  enhanced with our new brand GlamStone  providing  widest possible range of designed quartz surfaces with the finest texture options available in the quartz surface industry.

GlamStone is a engineered quartz stone which comprises approximately 92% natural quartz.  Our surfaces are ideal for any interior work surface, from kitchen worktops, countertops, bathroom worktops, vanities, wall panelling and commercial interiors.

With the widest range of quartz surfaces, GlamStone gives you the freesom to create your perfect interior space.

Thus combining nature and engineering  we provide a solid quartz surface which lasts for years, meeting all our practical considerations.

Slab Sizes : 310 X 140 (cm)

Slab Thickness : 1.2cm to 3cm

Our Plant:

Glamstone Plant